New York City Pride Experience

Very few social movements in modern history have seen such rapid, wide, and successful growth as the LGBTQ movement. With New York City being such a melting pot for nationalities and cultures it only makes sense that this city also takes a front-row seat when it comes to the history of the gay rights movement.

Not surprisingly, New York City has one of the largest and most prominent LGBTQ populations in the world. It has been suggested in mainstream journalism that Gay and Lesbian culture is as much a part of New York's basic identity as yellow cabs and Broadway shows making the LGBTQ community one of the city's strongest and highly respected communities in the city. This has, however, not always been the case.

The decades before the 1960s were not particularly welcoming to LGBTQ Americans. Solicitation of same-sex relationships was illegal in New York City. For reasons like this, members of the LGBTQ community flocked to bars and clubs known to be friendly as these places served as "safety zones" where patrons could express themselves without fear of being judged or worse. With that said; this was not at all problem-free. New York State Liquor Authority penalized and shut down establishments known to so serve members of the LGBTQ community arguing (for no apparent reason) that mere gatherings of homosexuals were "disorderly".

Much thanks to activists, these regulations were overturned in 1966 allowing alcohol to be served in gay-friendly establishments but any public display of affection among same-sex individuals was still considered illegal. During this time many bars still operated without valid liquor licenses and permits so police interference and raids of gay bars were still very common.

The first documented US gay rights organization was “The Society for Human Rights" which was founded in 1924 by a German immigrant Henry Gerber. This organization was later disbanded. Other organizations came along to support gay and lesbian rights such as "The Daughters of Bilitis in San Francisco in the mid-1950s, but the catalyst for the modern gay rights movements is widely believed to be the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City's Greenwich Village - also referred to as Stonewall Uprising. This tour allows us to explore the history and movement of the LGBTQ community in New York City and learn of the event that took to place on the fateful day of June 28, 1969, in Greenwich Village. It is evident that the past has included injustice and sadness for the community but during the past 50 years of history a lot of development has happened, and governmental policies have been put in place to improve life, acceptance, and injustice for so many members of the LGBTQ Pride community in New York City and across the country.

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