Calling All Future College Students

We offer private and group college and university campus tours for students in Princeton, Hamilton & West Windsor Township, NJ

Did you know that visiting a college is termed 'demonstrated interest' by schools and is one of the admissions criteria used to determine an applicant's acceptance?

Join us as we travel to a variety of top schools around the region! A-1 Tours can take you on an informative excursion through the country's most notable college and university campuses via our inclusive tours. We offer students round trip transportation, informative college tours, most meals, hotel accommodations (if needed), security (if needed), and a partnership with University Seekers.

Connect with us today to reserve your seat and/or learn more about our college tours.

Who can book a college tour?

Here at A-1 Tours, we can host college tours for a variety of reasons. Consider scheduling a tour if:

  • You're exploring your educational opportunities
  • You want to step foot on your favorite college campus
  • You want to show your children what college is like
  • You want to tour your alma mater years later
No matter your reason for taking a college tour, you can count on us to make sure the trip is safe and convenient.

Reach out now to get started.