A-1 Tours is recruiting guidance counselors to act as chaperones on our college tour bus trips.

Do you already help connect students with great schools?

Come join us to earn extra doing what you already love!

Don't miss out!

Step up your methodology and visit college campuses first-hand for free. This is a paid opportunity to expand your knowledge of these campuses. The insight you will gain from exploring schools in-person can help you to introduce students to the environments where they will thrive. Compensation will be $200 a day, meaning for a 5-day trip you will receive $1,000. Don’t worry about the cost of participating, all transportation, hotel accommodations, and some meals are included.

Join us on any of our upcoming College Tour Trips. A-1 believes that in-person campus visits have an advantage over virtual college tours. With us experience the feeling of multiple college campuses while demonstrating your interest to your top schools. Our trips include motorcoach transportation, campus tours, hotel accommodations, and most meals. Book with us to discover your dream “home-away-from-home” for the next 4 years.

Professional Standards

Superior customer service is our top priority. From sales personnel to our steadfast chauffeurs, mechanics to dispatch, each branch of our team is dedicated to providing top-quality services and support to our clients.


We value your safety above all else which is why we employ an incredible team of professionally trained drivers. Thorough background checks, intensive training, and regular drug testing give you peace of mind knowing you are traveling in safe hands. Additionally, we provide the highest quality maintenance service for our entire fleet. After every trip, our vehicles are taken back to our private shop where they are thoroughly inspected and detailed.


Honesty and transparency are the building blocks of our business. Our team of dedicated Travel Engineers works hard to curate a collection of tours that you will love and strive to deliver a first-rate experience!